Paul Christian spends most of his time on the road touring.
When he's not touring, he's in Nashville.

Up to 1065 live music performances as of October 15th, 2018!

The Music:
Paul Christian
has released two records,
"Never Been Lonely" and "Summertime."

... with influences like Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison and other Sun Studio artists,  
Paul Christian set out to write the saddest, prettiest record he could based on real-life experiences.

The debut album "Never Been Lonely."

"Paul Christian is a solid song writer and astounding vocalist.   
 Reminiscent of Chris Isaak, Paul's ability to capture the audience is effortless.                                         I can't wait to hear what's next..."
 Cori Waters,
  - KVIK-FM 104.7

Great Cd!--
Cities 97 - Triple A Radio

"Paul Christian has a superb talent for songwriting..."
Perfect Porridge

-A bit stunned by the hundreds of comparisons to Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison at almost every live show he performed, he set out to try something wholly different.

           "It wasn't that I couldn't appreciate the comparisons I was getting, but even a good thing can be sort of isolating..."

With the idea of not wanting to follow other peoples' trends, Paul Christian made the decision of picking up where the first record left off, but instead of doing sad music,  he decided to explore writing an album that was supremely happy!  

          "If you go from the last track of "Never Been Lonely" to the first one on "Summertime, you can see how they fit together, as if it could of been a double album, with the mellow, pretty stuff on side A and the rockers and loud stuff on side B ..."

The result was "Summertime" the happiest record he could pen. 

Paul Christian once again drew from his influences, but this time the bands represented the other side to Paul's personality and interests in music, going way back to sounds he heard when he was 4 years of age. Bands like Jan+Dean and The Beach Boys became a big driving force in the Summertime record. 

          "I wanted to do an album that would put a smile on someone's face, or make them feel that life is really great and awesome!"
He jokes that it's the "perfect album to do laundry to."

After hearing Summertime, Paul continued to get great feedback:
"Paul Christian has a great feel for what music should sound like..."
Matt Malley (The Counting Crows)

From the Apples in Stereo- (Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Elephant 6)
"Hi Paul, I meant to tell you how great your record sounds. I think my favorite tracks are "cover me" and "see what tomorrow brings." Congrats!"

Listening to Paul Christian while driving down road with the windows down, you're likely to feel as if you're the star in some quirky, indie film that has a killer soundtrack.
 Jeni -- Program Director, KDEC

Big Jim Sykes- Elvis Radio/Sirius/XM
VERY nice! Paul Christian is extremely talented.

Indeed, the Happiest Record of All Time.
Paul Christian has truly captured the spirit of warm summer days with this latest release. Each song creates a vision in my head. With the opening drums and guitar of "If We Only Had All Summer" I am transported to a California beach with people surfing and playing volleyball. The title track seems the perfect song for driving through the city with windows down.

The album continues with such universal themes until the melancholy "Interlude," right into "Time to Say Goodbye" which feels like the goodnight kiss at the end of a day of sunshine. Then the final track, "I Can't Wait till Summertime" kicks in to wake you up and get you back on the dance floor. With the last notes, it feels perfectly natural to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

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Paul say's there are two songs that bridge the Never Been Lonely record with Summertime-
Click on the links to give a listen: "I'll think of something" and "That's all right."

So what's next? 

I'm sitting on hundreds of unrecorded or partially recorded songs. Should get around to tracking some of those at some point.

Currently booking 2019.