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Past shows 2017

Nashville May 17th-24th Producing Record
Edwards, Colorado May 26th
Creede, Colorado May 27th   Two shows
Creede, Colorado, May 28th  Two shows
Sioux Falls, South Dakota May 29th
Sleepy time-May 30th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota May 31st
Fargo, North Dakota June 6th
Fargo, North Dakota June 7th
Biwabik, Mn June 9
Biwabik, Mn June 10th
Grand Island, Nebraska June 15th
Kremmling, Colorado June 16th
Kremmling, Colorado June 17th
Waukee, IA June 18th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, June 19th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, June 20th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, June 21st
Sleepy time- June 22nd
Sioux City, Iowa June 23rd
Fairmont, Mn June 24th
Two Harbors, Mn June 30th
Two Harbors, Mn July 1st
Nashville July 2nd-10th Producing Record
Fargo, North Dakota July 11th
Fargo, North Dakota July 12th
Mankato, Mn July18th
Herman, Mn July 19th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota July 24th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota July 25th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota July 26th
Fairmont, Mn July 28th
Peterson, Mn July 30th
Sauk Rapids, Mn August 2nd
Biwabik, Mn August 4th
Biwabik, Mn August 5th Two shows
Sauk Rapids, Mn August 6th
Fargo, North Dakota August 8th
Fargo, North Dakota August 9th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota August 15th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, August 16th
Lake City, Colorado, August 19th
Edwards, Colorado, August 20th
Two Harbors, Mn, September 1st
Two Harbors, Mn, September 2nd

I never got around to adding my dates for 2018. I did around 75 shows big and small. I enjoyed every one. And met lots of nice folks along the way.